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"Stemmler's images are a feast for the eyes..."

(Tete Böttger, German art publisher, art collector and art critic)

"Stemmler’s collages are of great density ... harmonious in form, color, proportion and structure."

(Tina Lüers, German art critic and art educator)

"Stemmler demonstrates a remarkable ability to mix and match random objects of art into a convincing collaged show of color and form..."

(Bruce Helander, American art critic, arts writer, curator and artist)

"Well-balanced compositions"

(Göttinger Tageblatt)

"Stemmler is a highly inventive fine art photographer who follows the great achievements and practices of photography, many of which were perfected in his native country of Germany...

He is also an expert at mixing up natural and artificial light sources and shadows that often seem to gracefully flow into his compositions, where he cleverly alters reality and dramatic perspectives and throws out a creative curve ball of inventions, producing intuitive, graceful photographic formations."

(Bruce Helander, American art critic, arts writer, curator and artist)

"Careful observers can learn a lot about the world -and life in general- when they reflect upon Hilmar Stemmler’s pictures…In his paper collages he skillfully sets up narrative themes and thus plays

with the artistic mottos of the surrealists of the 1920s…or embarks on a journey close to the 'art

informel' of the 1950s."

(Göttinger Tageblatt)

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